Have You Seen My Changeup?

If you’re married to a baseball player, MLB trade rumors may be your secret lover. If you’re anything like me, you spent the offseason wanting to know what your lover was up to. You checked and you checked, you refreshed and you refreshed. The real irony of this story is that I was never expecting to find anything that would be personally relevant. In fact, when I did read a rumor that teams were interested in Mat on a Wednesday, I laughed, “Hahahaha! We’re not getting traded” and dismissed the notion. I lived that Wednesday through Friday without a care in the world. I think I even stopped looking at trade rumors. Then there was Saturday morning…

I’m not sure what we did on Friday night but I do recall feeling like I’d been hit by a semi truck on Saturday morning around 10 am. I woke up to my mother screaming, “WHY didn’t you tell me you guys were traded?!”. I respond, “What? MOM. You’re insane. We DID NOT get traded”. “Yes!”, she insisted- “Yes you did! You just got traded to Cincinnati! It’s all over ESPN!”. (my head explodes) SAYYYY WHATTTTTTTTT. Half alive, trying to find my face, I freak out and grab Mat, “Babe… What’s going on?! Where am I? Is this real life?!”, I say while frantically trying to breathe. If you know me, you know that mornings are not my friend. You know better than to ask anything of me before noon. Most importantly, you know not to freak me out before I’ve had my black iced coffee- thanks Mom.

In probably a matter of 6 seconds, during which it felt like time had actually stopped, Mat grabbed his phone… The 6 missed calls from his agent and numerous text messages were peculiar. He switched the TV to Sports Center only to see headlines of, “Perhaps the biggest trade of the offseason” associated with our last name. I followed suit and grabbed my phone. 27 text messages that all read something like, “DUDE! You guys are going to Cincinnati! Did you know about this?!”.  It took me about 28 minutes to realize this was real life.

To answer all of those texts at once, no. We had NO idea Mat was even being shopped. In fact, we were so convinced that we’d be in San Diego for a while that we signed a 1 year lease there only a week before the trade- but that’s a terrible disaster I wont burden you with. To say that this trade was shocking to us is an understatement. I think I was shaking for a whole 3 hours before I my mindset changed to.. “Alright. We’re Reds now. Let’s do this!”. By, “Let’s do this”, I meant, “Let’s celebrate!”.

One of Mat’s friends bought him a Reds hat, we went to dinner with our close buddies to celebrate new beginnings, I drank the largest margarita I’ve ever seen in my life and I tweeted a picture of Mat in that awesome hat. The rest is history.

San Diego, you were so good to us, thank you.

Cincinnati, we’re all yours now.

Party on, Wayne.



Party on Garth!!!

Hmm, I think we’re going to like having you here!

Cincinnati is delighted to have you both! Welcome.

I could only imagine the feeling. But, on a lighter note, Cincinnati is so happy to have the BOTH of you! I am new to this ball club, well been following them about a year and a half now thanks to a certain someone. Surprisingly being a lover of sports like I am I never really found a baseball team I felt that I could call “my own”. Once I started following the Reds, the whole city fell into place. The Bengals, Bearcats, all of them just felt right. Over the summer I went to Cincy and fell in love with it. Everything about it. It just felt for once like “home”. I am a mid-west girl and cannot wait to leave the east coast and go “home”. Good luck with everything and take it one day at a time. Im sure it will feel like home soon enough. On behalf of me and Im sure the other Reds fans.. WELCOME!! 🙂

Thanks for sharing. That’s pretty funny… at least it is now. What a terrible way to wake up.

You’re going to love it here! Your husband was one of the puzzle pieces we were missing to go win a championship. This city will embrace you. I promise!

Interesting post. We as fans sometimes forget that the players, and of course their families, are real people. That one morning you could wake up and be told – “pack your bags, you work in Cincinnati now”.

I’m looking forward to following your posts throughout the season and hopefully you can continue to bring us inside the world of a wife and her baseball playing husband.

~Russel http://wrigleyregular.mlblogs.com/

we look forward to having you back in SD when the Reds play here!

Oh so no Latos when the Dodgers open up in San Diego this year. Good luck in Cinci. Funny post. Keep up the good job!

Cincinnati is happy to have you guys here. Sure Cincinnati is no San Diego. The weather often sucks and can change at the blink of an eye. We don’t have an ocean or a beach near by, but we do have a big f***ing river! (for whatever that’s worth lol) However, what this city DOES have is a passion for their baseball, and a love for their Reds. This is a baseball town. We bleed red, literally and figuratively. Being the oldest team in the bigs, there is a ton of history in this baseball town. I hope you two enjoy it here, and will call Cincinnati home for a long time to come.

You should write about other topics other than being a baseball wife and things along those lines.. I know that I probably sound like a huge asshole and I know this is your blog and baseball and your husband are a pretty huge part of your life and you can write whatever you want etc but please dont take offense! I’ve read some stuff you used to write and its pretty damn amazing and you give great advice and have a lot of interesting things about life and love in general .. don’t get me wrong your blog is interesting but just thought I’d give you a little input from a fan of your blogs/writing. 🙂

Ok I’m completely stupid in regards to the fact that I didn’t read the title of your blog so scratch that previous post, anyways! do you have any blogs? If so I’d love to read it as well!

Great post. It is always very interesting to see what players go through when they are traded like this.

I have read many times that players never know until they hear it from a friend or see it in the news. The shock of it all was captured very well in your writing. Thank you for sharing this.

Mrs. Latos – Thanks for blogging. As a lifelong Reds fan I’m happy to see Mat put on the Red Stockings. We are looking to him to shut down some bats this season.

Count our family as one that is glad you and Mat will now be in Cincinnati. Just returned from Spring Training and saw him throw his live BP Sunday.

Just catching up on your posts after a busy week of work. We are so glad to have you guys in Cincinnati. This will be a great year! Keep writing. You are doing an awesome job!

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