On snakes and being a gypsy…

You may or may not know that Mat and I have enough reptiles to be featured on the show “Hoarders”. There is also a bit of confusion regarding where we live, how we live and whether we pack up our 70 + reptiles for baseball season. I can do a lot of crazy things but don’t over estimate me.

Snakes On A Plane was just a movie and, in general, reptiles get super stressed traveling. For the past two years, our reptiles have lived in San Diego. Our permanent residence is in northern California but we have spent most of the last two off-seasons in San Diego so that Mat could work out at the Padres facility (I wasn’t kidding when I said he works hard). Oh, I should also note that I still don’t know what an off-season really is. Anyway, we have a good friend, Joey, who takes care of all of our critters when we’re on the road. This season, we asked him to man the ship clear through the World Series.

Mat and I signed a one-year lease on a lovely house in San Diego about a week before we got traded because we were so certain we weren’t going anywhere. That was a funny joke, baseball. While we could try and get out of the lease, we don’t know anyone in northern California who would be willing to take care of The Latos Zoo, so we decided that our only option was to move everything we had in San Diego on New Years Day from the apartment we had been living in to the house we had found for the season (don’t EVER ever move on January 1st.. the hungover movers were a nightmare and I was not feeling so fancy myself). Some of our animals are in Northern California and my baby sister Shae watches them, but I don’t think she’s ready for an albino burmese python considering he is twice her size.

The albino burmese python is named “Valentine” because we bought him on Valentine’s day. It’s our little tradition. Last hear we bought a Nicoraguan boa. This year we ordered a baby Caimen (of the crocodilian family). Most of our snakes are different types of boas. We also have ball pythons but they’re not as fun because they don’t get very big.  I don’t expect you to trust me but snakes are not scary animals like many think. They’re forceful, sure. They can kill you, sure. Their bites don’t feel good, sure. But with proper care and handling, you typically don’t run into any negative issues. We are super careful about this- especially with that right arm on the mister. The way I see it, snakes are very predictable, easy to maintain and they just need a little love. I may be in the minority as a girl who sees 8 foot man-eaters and thinks, “AWWWW It’s so cute! It just wants to cuddle!” but I’m ok with that. We also have a pair of Egyptian Uromastyx, Bearded Dragons, and Joey has rattle snakes. Those little boogers are locked up and I’m still not sure I love that but I trust that everyone has their heads on when feeding the rattle snakes. His snakes live with our snakes and it’s just one big happy reptile family.

As I’ve previously expressed, we were seriously caught off guard with this trade so instead of freaking out (ok, I totally freaked out at first) we are just trying to keep everything as simple as possible for the season. The animals will all stay in their respective locations under the care of family and friends and Mat and I will be coming to Cincy by ourselves. It’s a bummer but it has to be done. You’re not going to get out of here without me complaining so let it be known that maintaining multiple households is a huge pain in my butt. Thank God for our amazing and supporting family and friends- we are truly blessed in that department. Now I just miss all of them and need to give my little sister a huge hug. Wahhhhh.

To suitcases- cheers!


p.s. We’re not weird, you are. 😉


Love your stories and you will love Cincinnati and we have a great zoo

I recently read a quote that says “I’m not weird,
I’m limited edition.” which I believe is true for many of us 🙂

I will admit I don’t understand your love of reptiles but I do enjoy reading your thoughts, another good blog. thx

Best line of the piece = “This season, we asked him to man the ship clear through the World Series.” Go Reds! Looking forward to the contribution your man brings to the squad!

Good friends and family are definitely everything – don’t know where I’d be without mine 🙂

Another good read, Dallas!

I can relate. Except I dont have 70 reptiles to move. Every three or four years I packed up my life and found a new home while serving in the United States Army.

Mat Latos is one of the coolest baseball players I’ve seen, BTW. When I visited PETCO PARK last season, which can be found in my blog, some fan was angry with Mat because he wouldn’t toss him a baseball. Mat simply replied with, “I’m all for giving every fan a baseball in the stadium. Except if I did, we wouldn’t have any to play with. Relax, dude.” Lol. Thats when I officially became a Mat Latos fan.


Pardon me if you should ask me over for dinner and I don’t show up.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and
I am waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

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