Instructions to make Mat’s favorite rice dish… Hope you have a crockpot…

One really great aspect of my marriage is that I love to cook and my husband loves to eat.  This isn’t a cooking blog, but I figured I would share the “recipe” to make one of Mat’s favorite rice dishes (the dude loves his rice) so that you can try it at home. Maybe you too can throw 98 mph if you start eating what I feed Mat! No guarantees, though.

Last season I was at the grocery store and came across a magical aisle of Crackpots. Although my head told me that this was an out dated contraption for grandmas, I’m curious by nature so I decided that I needed to see what all the rage was about.  I brought one of those bad boys home and began doing some research and very serious scientific experimenting. In general, I don’t follow recipes in the kitchen, but I do browse them quite a bit and come up with my own variations. This will be my best attempt at instructing you how to make crockpot magic in your own kitchen. This particular dish was inspired by a Hawaiian tri-tip recipe.

What You’ll Need: Tri-tip, some rice, 1 sweet onion, hungry people and the following ingredients:


1.5 cups soy sauce
2 tablespoons or so of Worchestershire sauce
4-6 cloves of minced garlic
.5 cup (packed) brown sugar
pepper to your liking


Put tri-tip in crockpot, add 1 cup of water, then pour the ingredients listed above on top of the tri-tip.

My best results are when I cook the tri-tip on low for about 7 hours. I like to flip the tri-tip over after about 4 hours for good measure.

Once I decide that the tri-tip has cooked long enough, I cut it up into bite sized pieces and set it aside to later combine it with sautéed onions (as prepared below),  4 cups of jasmine rice and just enough of the sauce from the Crackpot.


To saute the onions, I saute about a tablespoon of minced garlic in macadamia nut oil (any oil will work- macadamia oil is healthy, doesn’t taste oily, and is a personal favorite for cooking vegetables because it gets hot fast). I add the onions after a few minutes, sprinkling them with garlic salt and pepper, and saute them until they begin getting brownish on the edges. You can then remove the pan from the heat and add maybe 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and a few tablespoons of butter (I cook with Smart Balance). Let the sugar cook down with the remaining heat (the brown sugar is optional BUT… it’s pretty phenomenal). I use 1 sweet onion.


Simple step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Pour the contents of the sautéed onion pan over the white rice, then add the cut up meat.

Step 2: After you’ve mixed everything together, add the marinade from the crockpot little by little so as to not turn this dish into a rice soup.

Note: I’m typically cooking for boys who don’t support the brown rice movement or vegetables that aren’t wrapped in bacon. There’s a lot of room for this “recipe” to be modified to your liking or household preferences but I feel like if you stick to the basic ingredients in the marinade, you probably can’t go wrong! You could always sub the soy sauce for a light or low-sodium option or add in extra veggies and even skip the rice entirely. Broccoli would probably be delicious.

Let me know if you try any fun modifications!

Happy Crockpotting.


p.s. You should know that I’m really good at this cooking thing. Mat even brags about it. Boo-yah.


My crockpot (which gets referred to as the crackpot at my house too) is a life saver. I love to cook but working full time and being a grad student doesn’t leave me a lot of time to play in the kitchen so it gets put to use pretty frequently in my house. This recipe sounds great and will be making an appearance at my house this week.

Wow, a lot of sodium.

Ready for Opening day in Cincinnati??? Its like nothing you have ever seen i guarantee it!!!!!! Have fun! Greg

I don’t like cooking with a crockpot, but will probably try this one. Sounds like it could feed 4 to 6. (By the way, welcome to Ohio. I am not a Reds fan, but I enjoy watching Mr. Latos pitch.)

Dallas, this was phenomenal! Thanks so much for sharing! My only edit was that I didn’t have enough soy sauce or a sweet onion, but I still ahead with the ingredients and a yellow onion. Dude, my husband wouldn’t quit stuffing his face. He doesn’t even want me to make it again the way you have.
If you’ll excuse the pun, this one is a homerun! ;D

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