I’m a Roadie

‘Tis the season to be crazy, fa la la la la, la la la la. Don we now our Reds apparel. Troll the ancient baseball carol Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Don’t mind me, I love Christmas and smiling is my favorite. I’m blogging to you live from a Delta flight. It’s a commuter plane, so I haven’t exactly decided whether this is a near death experience or not. Just in case it gets too close, we should probably go over the whole road trip drill.

As you know, baseball players travel a lot. As you don’t know, so do I. I go on almost all of the road trips. I wont say this is common among baseball wives because most of them are more wise when it comes to subjecting themselves to cities like Milwaukee (no offense, Wisconsin, but it is HARD to keep myself entertained there). I am a fan of making lists of pros and cons and these lists have led me to believe it is much better for me to travel on the road while I can (that’s baseball for “Before I have children and have to act as a single mom for 7-8 months of the year”). With that being said, let me make a short version of the pros and cons list for you to break things down.


-I’m not home alone, moping about in a city in which I know no one for 24 hours a day.
-I get to see my husband at night and a bit in the morning.
-I get to explore cities, different ballparks and sometimes learn a thing or two about US history.
-Seeing all of the other ballparks is the-bomb-dot-com.
-I HATE not being there when Mat is pitching (this has only happened once so far)
-Room service and movie nights


-I am by myself, often in a city where I know no one.

Ummmm.. I can’t think of any others.

The bottom line is this: I have chosen to live my life at this time in support of my husband and so, like everything else in life, I say go hard or go home. What would I honestly be doing in Cincinnati while he’s on the road? Missing him? Bugging him? Probably both. I will point out that I think it’s important to have space in a relationship. I often have friends where we’re traveling, so if I want to go hang out with some friends or Mat wants to go out to dinner with the guys or to go fishing or I need to go on a midnight walk around town, it’s all fair game. The hotel basically becomes our home and we behave the same as we would on any other given day.

As mentioned earlier, I’m alone a lot on the road. Not only has this taught me a lot about myself, it has taught me a lot about being comfortable enough in my own skin to talk to people I don’t know. I’m not saying I just go up to anyone driving a white van but, in my lifestyle, there aren’t many ways to meet people. I don’t have a job and I’m not going to school, so I’ve had to get creative in my social approach. One thing I do a lot is go on nerdy sight-seeing tours. My favorite tour to date is the underground tour of Seattle. If you’re ever there, GO- It’s amazing.

This season, I want to put myself in the fan position and see if I can find some cool stuff to recommend for you guys. Who wouldn’t like a baseball-inspired vacation?! Traveling to see your team can be very rewarding and fun; especially if you find fun things to do before the game starts.


I’ll be taking/answering questions on this post because I need to get in zen mode or something prior to landing. (flying scares me).



p.s. Mat’s pitching tomorrow. That makes this whole scary flight thing totally worth it. Love you, Delta Airlines. Mean it.


Subject suggestion for the blog-game day rituals. Just curious. One semi, personal question-do you go to all games. I know you won’t miss Mat pitching but I was curious about the other games.

If that means ask a question, you mentioned Mat & autographs a while back. If I send him a fan letter with something for you to sign too, could you make it happen?

hi there miss dallas! i’m actually a pirate fan from the “burgh” who found your blog while surfing for fun spring training stories. when you come to my fair town, you will have to do a few of the following: 1). go to station square and roam around the various cool shops and bars and check out the fountian shows 2). while roaming in station square, take a ride on the incline. you’ll need correct coinage cuz the port authority are lazy asses and don’t give change. the incline is a great way to view the city. at the top is a cute little part of the city known as mount washington. from there, you’ll see a breath-taking view of pittsburgh! 3). go to a primanti brothers not in the ballpark. i love pnc park but ya need to experience this unique to pittsburgh eatery. if ya like art, i would recommend the andy warhol museum. it’s on the north side, not too far away from pnc park. if ya like boat rides, while at station square you can take a sight seeing tour of the city fromthe 3 rivers on the gateway clipper. i’ve been told that our “just ducky” tours are fantasic. the tank like vehicle not only shows you the city from the street level but also takes you into the river and floats along to show you the sights and sounds of the burgh! okay, just a few tourist-like activities that i hope will make your stay in our fair city fun!

by the way, i love your writing style. thank you for being real and open. may you have a great season and learn many new things about each city you visit!

francie booterbaugh

Welcome to DC! I hope you enjoy my lovely city. While I’ll be cheering wildly for my Nationals, I’ll secretly hope for a pitchers’ dual at today’s game. Thanks for your blog — I get more out of a game when I know a little something about the players, and now I have a reason to cheer for the Reds. Best of luck today — looking forward to a good game!

As always–love the blog. My family and I love to travel to different ballparks every year. We try to follow the Reds on one road trip a year if we can. This year, we will be going to California in July and will see the Reds play in SF, LA, and SD. We have never been to any of these cities and are really looking forward to it. Any advice or suggestions you can provide on these California locations would be much appreciated. We are going to pack a lot into about 10 days. Have fun in DC. We will be cheering Mat on tonight. Safe travels to you both! Thanks!

As always, love the blog. My family and I love to travel to different ballparks. We try to plan at least one trip to follow the Reds on the road each year. This year, we are really excited to be travelling to California in July to see the Reds in SF, LA, and SD. We have never been to any of these cities–so any advice or suggestions you could offer would be much appreciated. We are going to have a very busy 10 days to see as much as we can. Have fun in DC. We will be cheering on Mat tonight. Safe travels on this trip to you both. Thanks and go Redlegs!

When y’all hit Chicago later in this road trip, you have to go to the Shedd Aquarium if you’ve never been. Lincoln Park Zoo is cool, but go out in the suburbs just a bit and you have Brookfield Zoo, which is way better!

Mat is a lucky man to have a wife like you.

Dallas, love the blog and following you on Twitter. I understand the Milwaukee-dilemma, having lived there for about 3 years (I’m a Cincinnati native and have since moved back to the ‘Nati). A couple of must-sees in MKE would be Milwaukee Public Museum (www.mpm.edu) which is one of the oldest large museums in the country and has both history and science exhibits. Pier Wisconsin is down on the lakefront near the Milwaukee Art Museum (another great stop), and has the ONLY 3-masted Great Lake schooner anywhere. They do evening cruises and can be a ton of fun. You should try some frozen custard. I know that the Reds typically stay at The Pfister downtown, but there’s a custard joint named Leon’s (http://www.leonsfrozencustard.us/) that was the inspiration for the exterior of Arnold’s Diner in Happy Days.

If the Reds have a weekend series from June-September, there is almost ALWAYS a festival happening at the Henry Maier Festival Grounds (http://summerfest.com/about/henry-maier-festival-grounds/), including Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival (no lie) and various cultural festivals (Polish, German, Italian, Irish, African, Mexican) and Indian Summer Festival which is usually in early September and includes one of the largest pow-wows in the United States. AMAZING stuff…but we lived there for a year or so before we found half of it.

As for those long home stands, I know that you love the Newport Aquarium (and understandably so), but you really need to visit Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. THREE museums in one beautiful, historic building (although you probably won’t want to visit the Children’s Museum quite yet), a large domed Omnimax theatre and world-class visiting exhibits–including Pompeii which is there now (only it’s third stop in the US). If you really want a behind-the-scenes look, shoot me an email and I’ll put in some calls for you to get a personal tour.

Welcome to Cincinnati, and we hope you soon come to think of the tri-state as home (at least until the cold weather chases you away after the Series in October).

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