Great American Hallelujah: 2012

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Mat pitched his second complete game of his career striking out 13 batters at Great American Ball Park on Monday against the Brewers. I tweeted a little about it, but figured I should give you more detail for good measure. I hate to admit it, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt more emotional during one of his starts in the history of life.

In a word, this season has been frustrating. Mat has had other great starts this season and that’s not to say that all less than stellar starts are frustrating because they’re not; They’re learning experiences that are bound to happen. The frustrating part has been watching Mat struggle and having no quantifiable explanation. Meanwhile, I’ve wanted to scream from the mountain tops to Reds fans, “GUYS- HE REALLY IS GREAT! GIVE HIM TIME! LET HIM SETTLE DOWN. HE’S GOT THIS!”.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m a baseball wife but that I also watch this game as a fan. I’m just as emotionally invested as any other baseball fan, but I happen to root for a certain player a little extra. This season, I felt like I kept watching Mat pitch over and over again, but he wasn’t pitching the way I know he can pitch and I just kept waiting for him to figure it out.

Helpless. Concerned. Empathetic. Did I say helpless? There was nothing that I could do for Mat to help him get on track and it sucked. I’m not a baseball analyst, expert, or coach, but it’s safe to say I know Mat too well for my own good. Deep down, I knew what was wrong and also knew that time was the only way to fix it.

Fast forward to the 8th inning of Monday’s game… I’m elated at his performance thus far, texting my friend David to see if he thought they’d send Mat back out for the 9th (he’s way better at this baseball stuff than I am). Mat comes out in the 9th… I’m literally sending jedi mind tricks to will the ball into the strike zone with my friend Cathleen whom I met at the Hall of Fame gala the night before. You think I’m kidding? I’m pretty sure someone sitting in the diamond club that night caught a glimpse of us wiggling our finger powers onto the field. (don’t judge) (also, I think it worked).

I stood up for his last strike feeling like I was going to spontaneously combust. I was SO happy for him. Proud. Relieved. Excited. Overwhelmed with positive emotions. I don’t want Mat to do well for any competitive reason that’s naturally laced into my being. I want him to succeed because 1) he’s ridiculously talented and 2) I want him to be proud of himself when he comes home from work. I want him to know that he gave his best effort and got the best result. I’m not sure if this is normal in marriage and friendship or not but it’s our normal and maybe I’m psycho.

I tell people this quite often but, in my short time as a baseball wife, I’ve concluded that pitchers wives have a completely different experience than the wives of position players or outfielders. There seems to be more pressure on our significant others and we tend to stress way more every 5th day. I’ve done my fair share of analyzing why this is the case but I’m sure you can figure it out. I have a tremendous respect for pitchers. Even more so, I have a soft spot for their wives. (This is kind of a cheesy post so you’ll have to forgive me).

With that being said, I was SO happy for Matt Cain and his wife, Chelsea, when he threw his perfect game a few weeks ago. Every time I see a tweet about the amazing year Ryan Vogelsong is having, my heart smiles for his wife, Nicole. I root for Brandon McCarthy to do well partly because he’s on my fantasy team but mostly because his wife, Amanda, is freaking excellent. Point being- I want EVERYONE to do well. (As long as they aren’t in our division and this isn’t the playoffs.. just kidding.. or am I?).

I don’t mean to take away from any of the friendships I have with other baseball wives, I’m just giving you a highlight reel of the past few months that pertains to this situation of being obscenely proud and happy for great pitching performances. I now know that if I’m ever in Chelsea’s shoes and Mat pitches a perfect game, I’ll likely pass out around the 9th. We’ll worry about that when we get there…

I think I’m getting a bit off topic, but my point is this- seeing people succeed is one of my favorite things ever. The emotion when my own husband does something great is simply overwhelming. After the start of this season, however, I have a new-found appreciation for a good struggle because it makes success that much sweeter.

I try not to pretend to be some inspirational role model, but I think we can all take something away from this.. Be proud of the people in your life and stay supportive, even on the days that aren’t their best.

We’re all destined for greatness… the biggest trouble is getting there without self-destructing in the process.



p.s. Smile for me.


  1. T.J.

    I too know the feeling! Not as greatly as you but i feel i am in a very emotional “relationship” with the reds! I loved watching Mat finally get what was due to him in that game. He has amazing stuff and is starting to put it together. I was on edge with my fingers crossed when Brosnon was throwing his no-no into the eight. God I love this game! Awesome to read your insight Dallas! Good luck this season! Go redlegs! @T_FosterChild

  2. Traci

    You SHOULD be proud! Watching our best friends & significant others succeed is one of the greatest joys we can experience.

    Here’s to many more CG’s…and a no-no, or two 🙂

  3. M.J. Johnson

    So well said. You are a wise and compassionate woman. Rock on,savor the journey, and let Mat know that *real* Reds fans believe in him all the way. (Also, that game Monday night was electric. You’ll both remember it your whole lives.)

  4. Beth Castellini Fesperman

    Dallas…beautifully written!!! I too was so proud of Mat’s performance and he deserves all of the accolades. He is very talented and is a great asset to the Reds organization. I hope you both are having a good experience in Cincinnati and I would love to meet you when I am in town. Tell Mat that the Castellini family is behind him!!!
    Sincerely, Beth Castellini Fesperman

  5. Wilma LaBare

    I agree with everything you said and to those of us who are not married to a baseball player, feel the same way when our significant other and even our children, succeed at what they are doing in their lives!! XOXO

  6. Matthew

    I am a HUGE Braves fan and even though I dislike the Reds a lot, every time I see Mat pitch, I always root for him. As long as its not against the Braves. Haha. Best of luck to you an Mat for the rest of the season!

  7. Missy

    After trying this Twitter thing out last year and following players, media and significant others in the baseball world, I have found a whole new appreciation for what baseball means to others. My heart goes out to all the wives/gf as this is a tough roll you all sign up for. I don’t know either you or Mat but I couldn’t help but feel proud of him for you Monday night as I watched the game. Great post and oh so true! Have fun in California, or should I say at home! Go Reds!

  8. Mike

    Just want you to know that the “real” Reds fans understand that Mat is young and has great stuff and sometimes he’ll be off and other times he’ll show greatness! As he matures the bad days will fade and the great ones will lead this team for a long time. I know it’s been hard leaving a city like San Diego for Cincinnati, I couldn’t do it but know I am rooting for you guys. Because I follow you on Twitter, I get a little more invested in Mat’s starts and Vodka. That being said, every time Cowboy says “Right Down Broadway” every Reds fan should kill their drink! Enjoy being home and I miss La Jolla where my wife and I went on our engagement trip. Avoid the Nati Trolls cuz they feed off you!

  9. Dee Anne Atkins

    I think the whole city of Cincinnati is very proud of Mat!! He pitched a remarkable game and you are an amazing wife and friend to him! I experienced these emotions quite a bit watching my daughter play soccer in high school and play well. She was a defensive player so she never had an opportunity to score except when they had free kicks etc. She scored one goal her high school career and it was from the 40yard line and the most beautiful kick I have ever seen. I knew it was going in as soon as her foot hit the ball and you would have thought as her mother watching that ball float through the air and literally drop in the goal right behind the gaolie, that I had just won the lottery! So just wait until you have kids and you waych them, you thing your emotions are all over hte map now, you ain’t seen nothing yet 🙂

  10. Miranda

    You’re so cute, Dallas! I would love to say I can relate but not being a wife kind of defeats that comment. I can most definitely relate in the sense of being a fan though. Seeing Mat’s game the other night was one of the most exciting moments ever. Because he’s new to the team, I was waiting anxiously for him to have a great game that could shut up all the haters. I’m sending all my happy energy your way in hopes that it can knock out some of the comments from rude, ignorant “fans”. Good luck to Mat in his next game!

  11. ron eckenroth

    I was there and I told people around me he was on and just enjoy 13 strikeouts and now off to the west coast

  12. Lisa Potter

    I always thought pitchers had it rougher than the rest of the team (catchers excepted) because they’re working hard the entire time the team is on the field. (No slam on the other players, they’re awesome too, but they don’t have to be spot on for every single pitch, just when the ball comes their way.) It’s great to see Mat do so well, and I’m glad he’s part of my home-town team!

  13. Karen

    Well written! I feel the same way when my 13 year old son pitches. I also applaud the other pitchers when they do well. I know how their Mom’s are feeling when their son struggles on the mound. Mat is doing great! It is a tough ballpark for pitchers. He is so young and strong. No doubt a great trade!

  14. Tim

    Hang in there Dallas, we true Reds fans know Mat will do a great job here in Cincinnati! You guys are awesome!!

  15. Nathan Stalvey

    Beautifully written, Dallas. I just recently came across your blog and love reading your posts, especially this one. You wonderfully express the enthusiasm of seeing your significant other do well, and the heartbreak for them when they do not, knowing what they are capable of. My fiancee recently landed her dream job here in Louisville and I can tell you, words can’t describe it when I see her in her element being that amazing woman I have always known her to be. Words also can’t describe it when I see her have a frustrating day on the job, knowing how much it means to her. I can’t imagine having to deal with the headache of thousands of people getting upset when your husband has a bad day at the office. Like my fiancee and I, I’m sure Mat is probably harder on himself than anyone else can be. It’s good he has someone like you to have his back each time and believe in him! That’s how great couples stay strong. 🙂

    Looking forward to more of your posts!

    • Dominic Collins

      You’re husband is a total Cocksucker. The giants are going to beat his face into the ground. Mat Latos loves taking cum loads to to the face. And his tattoos are gay as aids in the 80’s.

      • Miranda

        Why are you even here? Don’t understand why you’re wasting your time on a page affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds when you could be rejoicing about the Giants. Oh yeah, because they’re losing. My bad. Being butt hurt doesn’t give you any right to come to Dallas’, or anyone’s page for that matter, and bad mouth them.

      • Dominic Collins

        Oh really? He showed us. We just tagge him for 6 runs and Posey hit a upper deck slam off him. Latos sucks and he will always be the giants little bitch. “I hate SF” we own you mat stop being such a baby back bitch.

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