It’s Your Turn To Talk

Instead of telling you what the baseball life is like for me, I want to ask you all a question to change things up…

What do you think is the best and the worst part of being married to a professional baseball player?

Let’s chat in the comments of this post.

Anddddd GO!

– D


I travel for a living, so I know how rough of a lifestyle it can be. But I’m also single, so that helps. But being on the constant go and not really “settling in” somewhere has to be one of the roughest parts for you, I would think.

Well, if you ever want to change this whole “single” thing you have going on, I suggest you find someone really, really crazy. Seems to work well that way… πŸ˜‰

I wrote that comment below yesterday and didn’t know if you would see it so I re-posted it.

In today’s world…it seems that there is nothing but crazy out there, but like you said, and I agree with, really, really crazy is what I need to find. I really enjoy reading your blog and following you on Twitter. Baseball has always been my “one true love” since I was kid. And you bring a side of the game that no one ever gets to see that isn’t involved with the team in some way. Keep up the awesome job!

Best part has to obviously be the money… I would say the worst part is the time spent away. It seems from your twitter post, that you are generally on your own, which I could be totally mistaken.

You’re correct. I am alone a lot more than is probably healthy during season.

Best: Has to be a toss up between getting to travel all over the country and having a pretty decent amount of money.

Worst: No stability

Best: living every baseball fan’s dream of visiting every MLB stadium!
Worst: living in a different city every 4 to 5 days.

Funny! My dad thinks that visiting every ballpark is the coolest thing ever too (:

If you ever plan on changing this whole “single” thing you’re currently doing, I suggest you find a really, really crazy girl. It’s the only way it can work.

Well I think traveling would be both a good thing and a bad thing. I’d love to see different places but I wouldn’t like having a permanent home.

Definitely a catch 22. It’s fun but it’s also exhausting and let’s just say our suitcases are never unpacked for 6 months (sometimes a little chaotic). This is about the part of the season where I start to feel like a robot.

I would think the best part would be being able to wake up in a new city during the spring and summer, and I think the worst part seems like it would be the instability of it. Can’t imagine what it’s like for wives when their guys get traded, DFAed, optioned, etc.

Also, I don’t know what it’s like when the wives are/want to be working women? I know for me, if I were in a job that I’m truly passionate about, I’d want to be working in it and the traveling would be a bit much for me, especially if I want to keep that job. I find myself wondering if there are baseball wives out there who travel on a less frequent basis because of their jobs, yet can still maintain a healthy marriage and home life.

I wonder the same thing! Because Mat already played baseball when we first met, we decided that it would be too difficult to begin a relationship working opposite schedules and never seeing one another. It was extremely difficult for me to accept it for a while because not working or going to school made me lose some of my sense of self-worth. Some girls have careers that are friendly to the baseball schedule and hopefully I will someday be one of them. The hard part is also not being able to commit to a physical location for an extended period of time. Not very desirable to employers… I found that being able to volunteer and be active in the community can hack away at the void but am still trying to fully adjust to living in Cincy so I haven’t been able to do much of that this season.

I would think the worst part is the haters. Just seeing some of the rudeness breaks my heart. The best part has to be seeing him take the mound and dominate. He has had so many great moments this year, I am sure that makes it all worth it. Thank you for giving us the insight!

It’s an emotional roller coaster, that’s for sure! You’re welcome!

For me, I think the best part, would be getting to go to all of the games (if I so wish) & the worst part would be the uncertainty of it all. The trades, moving & leaving family,& friends. I’m stressing just typing this. Don’t know how you do it. Kudos! πŸ™‚

Obviously, the money is the best thing, but make sure you invest wisely and you’ll be set for life. Hopefully, you and Mat have done that and make sure those advisors are reputable and certified (CPA, CFP)

As others have said the travel is a Catch-22. Knowing a few Reds players (past and present), it was okay when they were single or attached with no kids, but when kids came along, the travel part sucked. Being separated from family is the hardest part, travel or not.

The best thing has to be the financial security and the worse thing has to be the job security!

I would think traveling would be the best and worst part. I’m sure you get to see alot of great cities and ballparks, but you’re probably doing it alone. I wonder if there are any baseball wives who really don’t like baseball. Can you imagine being a baseball wife if you don’t know a thing about the game?

I’ve heard of baseball wives who really don’t like baseball so they don’t go to the games! I guess it isn’t a crime… Most wives don’t watch their husbands work, right? hahaha I will say that I knew very little about the game when Mat and I first started dating but that changed QUICKLY.

I’d say the best part is the offseason where you could spend a lot of time together. I think the worst part would be the potential of getting traded when you’re comfortable in a certain place and then have to uproot and settle down elsewhere.

After learning all about this one the past off-season, I think I’ll be ready to handle business the next time we are traded. The shock of it all is what really threw me off! Then of course the getting adjusted hasn’t been so easy either.

Well hopefully you and Mat are both in Cincy for awhile! πŸ™‚

As a wife, if I may… I see a lot of people saying money is the best part. Even though I am still in the Minors w/ David and can’t attest to that, I can tell you this… I quit my job this year and we are living on one measly income, yet I am happier than I have ever been. Money doesn’t buy happiness so the best part for me is seeing him succeed. Being able to see your husband go out every day and do what he loves – which few people can say. The worst parts are tied at the instability and the constant envy rampant in the league. The sad reality is that few people want to see you succeed and get a large paycheck at the same time. Haters are going to keep hating but it is extremely refreshing to meet people who are genuinely happy for you.

I believe that the best thing about be married to a Baseball player would have to be travelling to other cities, site seeing, and of course watching Baseball errrryday.
The worst thing I’m guessing would be that your husband is always on the road\working.
I love reading your blogs and tweets. Hope to see ya at the game tomorrow, #Sushi.

This whole “sushi” code was the best thing I came up with. I need to start assigning food to faces more often. hahaha I’ll be there!

The best thing would be watching your husband’s childhood dream come true. It is also very cool for the sons of baseball players to get the chance to play catch, sit in the dugout. The worst part is the instability of being at home with spring training, the season, minors, and trades.

I believe the best part would be to be able to go to all the baseball games and being able to travel to many cities that I normally would not be able to see. The money of course does not hurt either. “Comfortable” living is always a plus but not a must to be happy.
The being separated quite a bit and instability is somewhere in the middle for me. My husband and I are both active duty military and we’ve been apart quit a bit through different duty stations on opposite coasts, deployments, etc. You never know what’s going to get thrown at you so you roll with the punches. I think as a baseball wife it’s a pretty similar situation. There are those S/Os that can adjust to the situation and make the best out of it and those that can’t.
Worst part has to be the hatred towards you and your S/O. I am very protective of my family and it would tear me apart reading horrible things on the internet about my husband, how “crappy” he played and various rumors. I know I would have a hard time letting it go.

I’ve heard the military comparison before. Granted Mat isn’t out there risking his life for an honorable cause, but it seems that we do share the gypsy-ish lifestyle. Very good points!

The best part would not necessarily be the money, but the way you can spend the money. By that I don’t mean on things, but more like investments in people and organizations, such as sponsoring children, giving to homeless shelters, or animal rescues, etc.
The worst would be fans that are on the extreme ends of the spectrum. The “haters” or the “stalker” if you would like.

You are so so right! I can’t wait until we are in a position to start a foundation and we can really do something to make a difference!

I would say the best is traveling all over and seeing things alot of people never will. Also the financial part is a plus as most Wives are able to stay home and not work. Lastly being able to watch ur mate work and cheer them on would be neat.
The downside is being away from family and friends, the haters/stalkers.

The Best part would have to be going all around the country to the different baseball fields- The worst part would have to be the People/ fans / supporters / haters all expecting way more from you or your husband –

Best part – Getting to see the country and all the different ball parks.

Worst part – Dealing with all the idiots on Twitter. Seriously, it seems like it would be tough having your real home in Cali and 6 months in Cincy and 2ish months in Arizona.

Best part- Would have to travel
Worst part-You really find out how many morons there are out there with all the stupid,negitive comments they leave when Mat has an off night.

Travel would be great and the best part however I would think players with children would have a hard time spending time with them and thus the worst part

Yep. It breaks my heart when I see the little ones who don’t understand why their daddy is always leaving. Hence, we are holding off on the kiddo front for a while!

The best part is that you are in love….the worst part is that sometimes shoes hurt your feet!!!!!!

HAHAHA Carol πŸ™‚ this made me laugh.

Best part: Traveling, Seeing all the ball parks, Getting 4 months of the year off and thats where u can spend lots of time with him; worst-living out of suitcases, crazy fans who complain about your husband all the time, and watching the game b yourself

Id have to say seeing all the different ballparks and experiencing the different atmospheres in each city.

The sucky part would be the distance. Whether its from your family, friends or spouse/significant other. And the rumors/clear chasers.

It takes a special women to date/marry a ball player. My sister did it for a few years. It’s not always as glorious as it seems.

Best part- Travel
Worst Part- All the crap you get if your husband loses a game.

meh.. while that sucks, there’s always peace in knowing that no one would ever say the things they write on the internet to Mat’s or my face.

I don’t really see a great side to all of this unless you’re one of the top-earners. The lifestyle has to be miserable for women with small children whose husbands are rarely around to help. So I understand it may be rough for you but hang in there- at least he’s not away in Iraq for a year.

No matter what, there will always be a “things could be worse” in every situation. Baseball moms are superheros. I’m sure of it. The stress this lifestyle puts on a relationship without kids is tough. Being a supportive wife AND a mom doesn’t seem to be a cake walk during season.

Best: Traveling – getting to see sites and try out the cuisine in all the different places. But I think there’s a double-edged sword there in that a significant amount of your time during the trip is spent alone or at the ballpark. And trying to vacation to places where there isn’t a ballpark is impossible during the season.

Worst: When he’s having a bad night on the mound, you’re watching the train wreck and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it to be helpful or turn his day around. You just get to clean up the fallout. Would drive me crazy to watch 30,000+ people being frustrated with my husband, and then have him frustrated with himself too. Not good. Also – hotel maids. You’d always be carrying around that thought that someone was touching your stuff while you were out of the hotel. I mean, I like hotel maids when I travel, but I don’t travel 6 months a year consecutively.

Best part — the occasional VIP treatment, like at the Aquarium,

Worst part — feeling like a constant traveller. Because of all the travel, there is no way that you folks could really call Cincinnati home and feel really comfortable there. I have moved frequently, love exploring new parts of the country – all of which have their charms (and the not so charming as well.) But feeling rootless gets very old.

This will sound odd, but in a way, the best part and the worst part are the same. Meaning: Coping with all these challenges and struggles — keeping your marriage strong and your wits about you, dealing with public-figure pressures (i.e., internet idiots), learning the business, holding onto family and friends while running all over the country — this is the stuff you will look back on with pride when you do reach a point where you have some stability. Pressure tests your mettle, it makes you grow up in ways you never expected, it helps you turn into who you are going to be for the rest of your life. I know there are plenty of days when you must feel completely overwhelmed and wrung out, but from afar, it looks like you are doing a pretty good job of figuring it out. (Also: I bet writing about all this on your blog really helps.)

Best: you are married to mat who happens to play baseball for a living

mat: the best part about it is being able to do the thing ive loved the most. until i met the wife. and lets remember… if i didnt play ball i wouldnt have ever met the wonderful mrs. Latos. and the worst part……. is dealing with the day to day stress… ex. not doing so well in a new surrounding after being the main piece of a trade….. fans that have no idea what they are talking bout baseball wise… “i suck” im not allowed to give up runs and constantly have to talk to D about it because they arent a big enough person to say it to me. they say it to her…. people think we just show up to the field and just play….. wrong.. im there at 1 working out running and constantly trying to get better….. im rambling but dont care…. you could have stopped reading awhile ago… so the best is me playing/meeting the wife worst is all the stress.

Mat you are amazing. Keep doing what you do and continue to get better. You are young and have a lot of baseball left in you. You play the game the way it’s supposed to be played with heart and passion! Keep pitching well man! #TeamLatos

#TeamLatos sorry ignorant fans can be so rude and mean to you guys. People are just ignorant but the majority of us aren’t like that. Go Reds! & Good luck!

Mat, you are doing great!! I told Dallas about the death of my cousin and how the next game was you first CG and something about the way you pitched was true art!! #TeamLatos

For Mat and Dallas: it’s important not to get too caught up in the trash some people spew on the Internet. I assume it’s impossible to ignore it and to not be at all bothered by any of it. However, I believe this represents a very small portion of any fan base. Know that there are many very knowledgable fans out there that understand the stress of a new situation or the pressure of being the key to a huge deal. Many, many fans realize these things and don’t have the hate that some show when they can hide behind a screen name. You are both welcomed in Cincy by many, and I personally hope this is a long term thing! Go Reds and go #TeamLatos

Mat you are pitching Cy young type baseball. I don’t understand why people get on your case. Your 11-4 pitching in a friendly hitting ball park. People just are ignorant and think baseball players/athletes should never mess up and should be perfect. I wouldn’t bother worrying about them and you and your wife keep your heads up and dust off the haters and enjoy living your lives together, that’s the last thing you need is stress from other people. You guys seem like a very happy married couple, don’t let the world bring you guys down. Kiss your wife tell her you love her and get hungry and get yourself a championship! Stay focused and Goodluck Mat!


In tears at how touching that is. Haters can go suck it. What the 2 of you have is awesome. You have love + friendship + partnership. At the end of the day, as long as you have each other I would think that has to be the best thing ABOUT LIFE!

Best part would be meeting great fans like me. Wait I haven’t said hi yet lol Worst part having to put up with bad fans not like me. Really I’m not a creeper even though that sounds creepy lol

Best: economic stability and knowing personally the players, wives, and staff. Worst: the loneliness and the difficulty in being part of a normal fmily.

Love that Mat posted on here. You may have gotten off to a rough start, but you have been awesome lately. Keep up the great work. Hope you’re both in Cincy for a long time.

I just stumbled across your blog! 1. It’s so perfect 2. Mat is my boyfriend’s favorite (his dream is a double date, haha) 3. I’ll answer this question.
I think the best part would be getting to know the ‘real’ players. Not the baseball players, but the REAL people behind the gloves & stuff. I think that would just be amazing. I think the hardest part would be staying away and traveling so much. I’m a home-girl. I like to settle down. I bet it’s hard to have to move around & travel, or not travel & have to spend a lot of time alone. You seem to handle it well, though. Kudos to you! (:


Stumbled upon your blog via Twitter tonight! I can’t wait to do a little catch up reading – see how our lifestyles compare! I’ve been writing about life as a “hockey wife” for the past few years. Sometimes it’s glamorous, most of the time it isn’t. But it’s been one hell of a ride!

This was interesting. I’ve always kind of wondered what the wives of the players did and looked like.

I would love to find this out for myself… tell Joey I’ll sign a pre-nup (I even made signs at the ballpark for him attesting to that)! Also, I’d love to watch the games (which would be one of the best parts of being married to a player), so you would have a travel companion! You should put in a good word for me… πŸ˜‰

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