Wine On A Plane

It is a well-known fact that I go on the road with the team for most of the season, mainly because I can’t help but complain about airports via Twitter. I have received various questions throughout the season about how this works so I am going to blab about it. It’s not as easy as most people seem to believe but it’s pretty awesome (and exhausting). If you don’t care about how my traveling goes down, you are now free to click off of this page and move about the cabin.

Mythbuster: Most people assume that I fly with the team. False. I take commercial flights heading out of Cincinnati and between cities but I do fly the team charter home. To be perfectly honest, I don’t fully love flying on the team plane because I feel like I’m invading a man cave but I also adore it because it is SO nice to get to hold the husband’s hand when there’s turbulence (I’m a baby). Not to mention, it is an excellent perk that takes away from the inconvenience of traveling on my own quite nicely.

All teams are different when it comes to players bringing guests on the plane. For example, the Reds’ current rules are that only wives and children are allowed on the flights home from a road trip. In San Diego last season, wives and fiances got to pick a single road trip before and after the all-star break to fly with the team in its entirety, children allowed by special request. I believe players and coaches vote on these rules at the beginning of season but I could be wrong. Either way, Reds wives have it pretty good.

In terms of other wives and girlfriends traveling, some are more selective when it comes to which trips they’ll go on (not all cities are created equal). In general, I don’t like missing Mat’s starts because I’m a psycho so I’ll go pretty much anywhere if he’s playing.

I heard that NFL players are not allowed to have anyone in their hotel room from some of the people who have asked me about how this traveling housewife gig works (not sure if this is true). MLB is much more family friendly and our travel secretary and clubhouse staff do a great job at making sure the player’s family is well taken care of. Thanks guys!

Perhaps my favorite part of being on the road (aside from going to the games) is when we plan a “date night”. Spoiler alert: we don’t get dressed up or make reservations at fancy restaurants. Instead, we order room service and a pay-per view in our PJ’s. Pimpin” aint e-z. (Yeah, that was stupid but necessary). (We are movie lovers and there isn’t much time to hit the theater during season so this is where we get to get our movie geek on).

I think this covers most of the questions I’m usually asked but you know me… I can’t keep my mouth shut/would be happy to answer anything I didn’t cover here in the comments.

It is now time to power off all electronic devices and prepare for a mad dash to my next gate.

Thanks for flying Delta?


p.s. Is anyone else scared of getting sucked out of the airplane toilet when you flush? Asking for a friend…


Very funny!

Aircraft lavs=totally safe. (As a former flight attendant) BUT the blue juice stains, just an FYI 😉 oh, and I detest taking off & landing.

Love getting a glimpse of the baseball life. I absolutely hate going to the bathroom on a plane. Have fun in AZ.

Sometimes you and Jamie Ramsey tweet pictures of the in-flight team menus, how’s the cooking? Any favorite dishes on the team plane?

Love reading your blog posts……I’m glad the team staff takes good care of you. My question is….do you usually sit with all the players wives/girlfriends and is it easy to make friendships with the other ladies?

There has GOT to be a book a comin’. I’ll bug ML to bug you to do it…you can WRITE (says the diehard #Reds fan who feeds his addiction by being an English teacher. Cred, yo.) Fantastic post.

Its totally my biggest fear to flush the toilet on an airplane…I know I won’t get sucked out (hopefully) but its still really scary…I also wonder, where does it go after I flush???

Tabitha, to answer your question of where it goes, please refer to “Joe Dirt.”

I agree with Eric….you need to write a book…Your words flow so easy and you are entertaining!

I love that the MLB takes care of the all players’ family. I’m a family friend of a NFL family so its great to hear this! Continued success with you and Mr. Latos! 🙂

I’m not afraid of being sucked out. I work on planes and know that you are safe. Just don’t drop your cell phone or wedding ring down there.

First of all i want to say i am a huge fan of the Reds and of your husband so glad he came to join us! just to show how big of a fan i am i have been to four five games in the last two weeks I love to go to the game. My next thing is I have a good friend who used to play MLB he is now retired and he also played for the Reds I would help his wife pack everything they owned practically when he left fo go play for another team while he was gone another player form a different city would rent out thier house is this something you do now or would consider it also things have changed sicne he was with the reds I think she only got to go on two road trips with the team at their expense. Good luck to Matt and to the Reds!

i’m convinced the airplane lav will turn my butt inside-out. i never wee on planes.

Bahahaha that question about the toilet brought me back to “Bridesmaids”!!!!! And yes, it’s a legitimate concern. Then again, So is flying in general so I doubt I’ll be much of a Roadie – I don’t travel now and everything is within 8 hours of driving. Plus, from what I heard, although I can’t confirm, the Yankees don’t allow anyone on their charters. Maybe if I get there soon I can get ya an update. 😉

Apparently Camille and I have watched that movie too many times in the past few months, because that was exactly what I thought of too! Hahaha. But I’m a bit of a psycho myself and travel by car to follow my guy around as much as I can. Which is only about half of the time, because I despise driving!

I am “cheeseburger’s” mom, he was glad to have met you both and couldnt wait to tell us…thanks for making his night.

I’m a baby when it comes to take-offs & landings, mostly because of sinus headaches, so I take allergy medicine everyday starting a month or so in advance. However, I also worry about the plan crashing or blowing up, lol. Here is a question, do you ever eat on the team plane & how is the food? I’ve seen one or two of the menus & it sounds good on the menu, but we all know looking/smelling good does not always = tasting good. Just something that just popped into my head. Thanks!

PS – Love your blogs, twitters & Mat’s pitching. 🙂 Being very honest about it & totally not sucking up, lol!

Never flush while seated. Always stand and close the lid and place one foot on top to prevent the lid from opening during flushing. Happy blue juice!

Confession: I love reading your blogs and twitter updates. From the things that I read and see, I’m really convinced that you and Mat have an awesome marriage going on!! I love getting a small glimpse into the baseball life, and after reading some of these things, I have the upmost respect for you and all other baseball wives out there!! It’s incredible the way that you stand by and support your husband in his career! To be a strong eough person to put some of the things that you want on hold (having a job, a stable place to live, etc.) to support him is unbelievably awesome! Mat is a great pitcher and he has extreme amounts of talent! I hope he’s with the Reds for quite some time!

I’d love to hear about your game day experience as well. Do you get special seats? Do you sit with other wive. Clubhouse access etc.

Also if you don’t mind someone being nosey, what’s your take on the concept that since you’re accessible on the internet you should accept the haters? I get that, but there’s no reason for anyone being a d-bag be it in person or online.

Maybe I’ll do a post about that! Let me make sure it isn’t a security issue first though. My theory on what people say on the internet is this… Yes, I realize that by putting myself out there, I have to expect the good at the bad. However, one should not say something to someone on the internet that they would not say to a person’s face. Not one single person has been rude to me in person. So there’s that.

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Enjoyed reading your blog. Go Reds!

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Greetings, I’m writing a screenplay and one of my main characters are a MLB player. BTW, who is married soooooo, In doing research about the Wives and the rules of engagement regarding MLB protocol I did run across your delightful blog. You made a smile as you gave life to the unknown. I wanted to say thankyou❤ as your sincere spirit did speak. Wishing you love and light🤗

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