I have a very fun announcement!

During the course of the first round of playoffs, Mat and I are teaming up with ESPN to create a behind the scenes video blog of our first playoff experience. Since we’re doing this for you, I want to hear what you all might like to see…

Fire your ideas my way and I’ll see what we can do!

Go Reds!


I think it’d be cool to see everything y’all have to do traveling-wise

you should get special playoff tattoos.

All the Cat Latos fun

How the trade affected your lives and bith your daily ritual when matpitches!

Just be yourselves and have fun! RedOctober is a special thing in cincy!

Love it can’t wait to see it want to see what you are like during a game when Mat pitches!

I would really like to see your cat because it looks really cute!!!
And some of your adventures on the road and stuff.

Gotta see any rituals for the playoffs and the iPod playlist for game day. Oh and cat latos also ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad your getting this experience as a Red! Go Reds!

Hopefully we can get Cat in there. the iPod playlist is a good idea!

Ha! I want to see you getting packed! Also, Mat’s pre-game routines. (Or rituals, if he’s superstitious about them.) Also, how much time do you guys have to spend on things like autographs and charity events? Because whatever it is, I bet it goes way up during the post-season.

Just have fun with it..be your selfs and represent Redleg nation well


Daily routines, how you react when Mat is pitching, what he does to prep for pitching, basic everyday things that we normally would not be able to see.. I love the cat, so make sure kitty is in there too!!

Hey Dallas! This IS exciting! I’m a huge reds fan and I would love to see what you, mat, cat latos, and the team does for fun during down time. do you go out on the town? enjoy room service or cook your own meals? Just random things you all enjoy while not practicing or playing a game. I cannot wait to see the videos! Keep up with your hysterical tweets…they make me lol! XO

i’d like to see mat call the fans dumbasses lol.

I would like to see some of the stuff you guys do away from the game and Matt’s feelings and how it effects your relationship during the stress of the playoff scenario. I too love your blog and you tweets…fun for us girls…can’t speak for the guys…lol…good luck in the post season and I’ll be looking forward to the videos!!

I look forward to it! LATOS’S RULE

I am a huge San Francisco Giants fan, but i just wanted to say that i really admire you and mat. I think he’s an incredible pitcher, and you the most intertaningly honast person with a great since of humor ever. I would love to watch any vlogs, espically ones with the new kitten taking over the world! Lol

hey laura, me tooo! but being a west coast bay area latos, i gotta root for mat, too. go dallas, too! love your blog.

I agree with what everyone else says. Just be yourselves. We like the inside look at the life of our favorite ball club.

But, I must say – if Cat Latos isnt apart of it, we may be a little disappointed. Haha!!

Cant wait to see it!! Hopefully it will make it all the way through the WORLD SERIES!

I think it would fun to see how Mats day goes when he is scheduled to pitch =breakfast supersiitions just a general idea of Mats day when he is scheduled to pitch ( I do know you watch him when he is warming up in the bullpen) and what your role is ( do you spend time with him or give him his space ) looking forward to this

I would like to see how you two make time for each other in all the crazy traveling scheduling, what pre-game day looks like for him, & how you handle fans when you’re at the game. Also, your daily omelet quest has to be included otherwise I don’t think I’ll believe it’s you.

hahahaha my “daily omelet quest”. that made me giggle.

I’d like to see what the starters that aren’t pitching that night are doing to prepare to pitch later. Or ones that just pitched, what they do the day after they pitch to recover. Also talk to the bench guys about how they get ready to pinch hit or go in for defense. And if you can do anything about player’s superstitions.

how both you and Mat prepare for a game, video of you watching him pitch and your reactions would be cool, and what Mat does on off days

Split screen with Mat pitching on one side while simultaneously showing what you are tweeting on the other side.

I don’t think my camera skills be be quite that fancy. Bummer.

I’d love to see the game day rituals

Whatever you decide to do, I know it will be fun and exciting!! I do hope Cat makes a guest star appearance, maybe he can help with the daily omelet!! Cat can do anything!!

It’d be interesting to see if Mat’s routine changes during the playoffs at the ballpark and away from the ballpark. Either way…GO REDS!!

I would like to know what happened to Balls.

Balls lives in San Diego for now. He would not do well where we lived in SD this season.

Go with the flow, and let whatever happens happen. This might be your first playoff experience, but it won’t be your last.

I would like to see Mat set up a twitter acount with your help. That way he can banter with Reds fans and CatLatos!

I would like to see some of the prep you and Mat do. For Mat: watching video of upcoming teams, charting pitches, going over previous starts. For you: the stuff you do to support Mat that we would have no idea about. Travel plans (if not traveling with team). Also stuff about your relationships with other (I know you hate the term) baseball wives.

One day you should give Mat a shaving cream pie as a wake up call…lol

No shot. He would prank me back 10 times harder. haha

Really no one cares that much about Mat..I mean he’s a fine pitcher…mostly we are interested in following and watching you Dallas.

You should just go with the flow, showing that your lives aren’t as fancy as people make it out to be and that it’s not just fun, but also stressful. It’d be fun to see you guys just be you….being stuck in cabs, slipper wearing, “interesting” voice mails, drooling and all. Just enjoy the ride and I’m sure we will, too.

How about how your (you and mat) days go when it’s his day to pitch, like if there’s anything special done that’s not done on his off days?

what are mat s superstitions on days he pitches?

You should show us how disappointed you will be when Mat gets lit up by the Giants. And also what happens to Mat’s arm when Dusty refuses to take him out! Giants are going to destroy the Reds. Lol Reds!

jon thats funny considering mat OWNS the Giants and is 8 1 lifetime against them! Not going to happen!!!

Did they have a camera on you when Mat started warming up?That would have been priceless based on your tweets.

What a night!!! What looked like a nightmare turned into a SWEET win! Thank you, Mat, and company for a great game one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Loving your blog, child. I blog myself. I recently followed your Tweets when I saw them come up on my feed during one of the playoff games! I thought your the encouragement and support you have for your hubby was awesome! You can tell that you’re without a doubt his biggest cheerleader! Just wanted to stop in and show some love! Mat’s doing great! And how neat for this collaboration with ESPN. My suggestion is …try and talk to them about doing a REALITY show! hahaha. In ALL of Mat’s spare time! haha. I am thinking the new Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson but without that ending result, yes!? ๐Ÿ˜‰ God Bless!!

What do you think about the talk of Cincinnati Fans not being so “supportive” during game 4 in playoffs? Do you hear of it having effects on the players? I have always said Cincinnati fans are so fair weather (especially with the Bengals).Love and always will love the Reds. And Matt is doing Awesome in game 5!

Yup he pitched great. Then MVPosey happened. And Mat sulked like a punk bitch because he just got owned.

Maybe Mat should have been a little more focused on PITCHING than becoming a reality TV star. After all, that IS what the Reds pay him for.

Hi Mrs. Latos. I am a San Francisco Giants fan. You seem very nice, but your husband has done a lot to antagonize us over the last few years (signing baseballs that say “I hate SF” for example, and saying “Baseball works in funny ways… The only way I could honestly put it is, we could be like the Giants and go and change our whole lineup, put guys with ‘San Francisco Giants’ across their jerseys. We didn’t.”

Anyways, I don’t know how to contact your husband, but if you could relay this message on behalf of all SF fans, it would be much appreciated. It goes something like this:


what he said above…….Baseball does work in funny ways, and KARMA is a b*&^%
and Posey made you his…….

Hello Mrs. Latos. I just wanted to say that I read your husband’s comments after the loss today and it couldn’t have made me a bigger Mat Latos fan. I just hope that you could relay the message for him to keep his chin up and I enjoyed watching pitch for my favorite team this year.

Bahahaha that shit didn’t last long. Posey made Mat his little bitch today. Fucking hater. That’s what you get when you go around autographing shit “I hate San Francisco” like a pussy. KARMA. GO GIANTS!

I’m pretty damn happy we beat the Reds with Matt Lantos on the mound. It made that series comeback perfect. And it’s not because I wanted to see him lose necessarily, it’s because he’s 1 of the best and he’s a had our number. The Giant killer since his days with the Padres. If the Giants were going to pull off 1 of the greatest comebacks in National League history it was fitting to do it against him.

Mat Latos*, autocorrect ftl….

Can you set up a webcam in your living room pointed at your couch so we can watch Mat watching the rest of the post season? I think that would be fun!

Wow. Leaving messages for a guy through his wife’s blog – klassy. Less klassy even than kicking him when he’s down. Sportsmanship at its finest (insert sarcasm here). Cincinnati loves the Latos family – and yesterday’s loss didn’t change that. It was one game out of many, and there will be many more. It doesn’t change the fact that Mat did more than his share to get the team to the Playoffs in the first place – as did every other player on the team. And Dallas has been an excellent cheerleader for both her husband and the Reds organization since the day Mat was traded to Cincy. We’ll be happy to see both of them back here in 2013.

Dallas – if this is what you’re getting on the blog, I can’t even imagine what’s hitting on Twitter. Chin up girl! Way to leave the hate behind you. A team is bigger than one person, one game, one season – though this was one incredible season and we are thankful that you were a part of it.

Would love to see Buster Posey’s Grand Slam video included ๐Ÿ™‚

Classy is spelled with a “c”.

In the Midwest, we tend to indicate ‘classy’ being used sarcastically by spelling it with a ‘k’. Particularly in regard to social faux pas being committed. We consider it more polite than calling someone a fat-headed douche-nozzle.

Mat Latos opened himself up for ridicule with his own brand of fat-headed douche-nozzlery over the past 4 years. Don’t blame us for reacting to his behavior.

I absolutely will blame you for targeting his wife with the hate. She’s not in the uniform or on the field. Going after the players’ families for anything that happens on the diamond is just plain WRONG. If you don’t know that, you have my pity as a sad human being. Your reaction is ill-directed and reprehensible. How would you feel about complete strangers coming up to your wife/girlfriend/mom/sister/daughter and telling them that you suck at your job and are a little bitch? Or sending them death threats? The only reason you even have an outlet to get such sentiment to #55 is because Dallas has made herself accessible to the Reds fans in a positive way. You perverting that access for ill will just sends a message to the players that they should stay closed-off to protect their families – which translates across the MLB organization as a whole. If you want to keep open social media fun with your own team, perhaps you should better consider your reactions to other teams.

swlikeablegirl – can you please point out the death threats? I didn’t see any. Or are you making stuff up? None of us are targeting his wife, you dumbass, this is the only forum we have that we can be SURE that Mat Latos WILL know about. It’s funny you don’t say anything about the fact Mat wrote that shit on a baseball about SF but you get upset if SF fans then remind him and make fun of him after SF beats them?? He set himself up, don’t go protecting him now. He’s a big boy and I’m pretty damn sure he can take it. Nothing really bad was said on here besides calling him a bitch. Which, to be honest, is not the worst the guy has ever heard.

I don’t feel sorry for him one f’n bit either. He makes millions and has a hot wife, how bad do you think he’s really feeling? lol

Exactly – the only forum you have is HIS WIFE’s BLOG. HIS WIFE – not him. For an opinion you’re sure he won’t care about, you’re very committed to expressing it. Can’t you go spend your time saying how much you appreciate the Giants on a Giants blog – you know, spread a positive message in the world. Why do you need to tell someone you hate them? What good does it do? What do you think it changes in Mat Latos’ world to know that you don’t like him? Nothing. You’re right – he still has a great life with a multi-million dollar career & a hot wife. So good for you, you told him you don’t like him. Mission accomplished. It hasn’t affected a thing. Not interested in debating with you further. (The death threats took place in a previous season & were brought up on Twitter again the other night. Know your history & you might understand why he wrote that on a baseball beyond just being young & a little immature. Grudge much?)

Really disappointed in the hate above. Love the Reds and want Mat to know he should not feel full responsibility for loss– many missed chances by many players . Still love them all and our hearts are sad in Cincy.

Dallas and Mat,

Lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan here. Was at Game 5 yesterday and I have to tell you, I am still depressed after that loss. I don’t blame Mat. I blame Dusty for leaving Mat in after he had given up the first two runs. It was the 6th inning. During a regular season game, fine, keep him in the game. When it is winner-take-all, you put in another pitcher, if for no other reason, to break up the other team’s offensive wave. Sam LeCure had pitched with ICE in his veins. He should have been up tossing when Mat started the inning. Leaving Mat out their to dry was Dusty’s mistake. Yesterday’s game was such a roller coaster. Up and down each inning when guys would get on base and then we couldn’t get them all in. So many chances. I think the reason I’m still so low tonight is because I really love this team. Watched them nearly every night this summer. Went to many games at GABP. Just let Mat and the rest of the team know that we love them and we miss them already. I feel like the team and the city of Cincinnati need one big group hug. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ See you at Redfest.

Maryanne White
Cincinnati, Ohio

swlikeablegirl – You’re just to dense to get it, huh? LOL I’ll try to put it in layman’s terms for you, he set himself up and now he’s going to hear about it. Simple. How about you just stfu now and go make me a sandwich now…..

That’s “too” dense. Pot meet kettle. Again – he’s not the one you’re messaging. If the rest of the Giants are as dedicated to hate as you are, I completely understand writing “I hate SF” on a baseball. Or a billboard. Or a hot air balloon. Or a blimp. Or in skywriting. I’ll put it in layman’s terms for you – your heart is rotten with hate, you’re a miserable human, and I hope you choke on a Cardinals victory.

I want turkey and light mayo on my sandwich, now get to it.

Hey SFGiantFan why don’t you STFU and go pound something else the hate isn’t needed and yet it seems so typical of your teams fans I wonder why other players hate to play there and don’t want you to win a thing. Reds left 39 men on base in a five game series Mat didn’t cost them this series it was lost before he took the mound in game 5idiot you don’t even understand the game do ya now….talk to the hand.

Hey, you fat Goose Gossage wannabe looking idiot. How about you go read my 1st comment when I was pretty much saying beating Mat was good because he’s a GOOD pitcher and we want to beat the best. My 1st comment had no HATE in it but this dumb bitch swlikeablegirl is too dumb to realize it. Now I do HATE her and I still don’t HATE Mat. Go figure. Now you’re goofy looking ass with that funny goatee and glasses wants to come save her? LMAO stfu . Did you read where I put Mat cost the Reds the series???? No and you want to know why? Because I never said that you stupid fatass. Instead of reading the last comments go back up and read em all. Talk to the hand??? LOL, this isn’t 1995……omg…..

The hates in all your other posts JA go bend over for someone out there and enjoy whaty you sadly probably spend most of your time doing when you aren’t pissing on others….and this “fat” guy would kick your ass.

Here you go Goose, in case you can’t find it since I know you’re a couple screws short.

“Iโ€™m pretty damn happy we beat the Reds with Matt Lantos on the mound. It made that series comeback perfect. And itโ€™s not because I wanted to see him lose necessarily, itโ€™s because heโ€™s 1 of the best and heโ€™s a had our number. The Giant killer since his days with the Padres. If the Giants were going to pull off 1 of the greatest comebacks in National League history it was fitting to do it against him.”

By SFGiants on October 12, 2012 7:00 am – Reply

Now, tell me, where’s the hate? I was fine until swlikeablegirl had to go open her trap and sound like an idiot. Only hate here is directed towards her and you now….

You interjected into my replies to GoGiants – or should I say ‘ opened your trap’. I actually respected your first response until you went all asshat towards me. If you want to go tell your mommy who started it first, get it right.

Hey Dallas we met many years ago doing Frankie’s productions. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a STH with the Giants and was keeping an eye out for you (our seats are near where you guys were) but I was so caught up in the game that I didn’t get a chance. I just wanted to drop a note to say hi and so happy that you are doing fabulously!

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