Costume Contest Results Announced! (kind of)

First of all, thank you for all of your submissions to the first annual Latos costume contest. Inspired by those of you who failed to follow the rules, I can’t wait to hold a more organized contest here on “So I Married a Baseball Player” with expanded categories next Halloween!

This year’s winners and finalists were decided by a panel of judges.

The award for the best Latos family costume and winner of two tickets to a regular season home game in 2013 goes to @BThornberry23

Nice work guys!

Here’s where things get sticky… because some of you got so creative with your submissions, we have a hung jury in two categories. I am now turning this contest over to my readers and Twitter followers to vote for who will win and who will be named the runner-up for these awards. The winner will receive a signed baseball and the runner-up will receive a signed photo.

Please cast your votes by midnight tonight! (pacific standard time)

The first category is for the best female “Dallas Latos” costume:

#1 – @KelseyAlford

#2 – @ennywithaG

The second category is the best male “Dallas Latos” costume:

#1 – @CincyRedsphreak

#2 – @ThisisSan_diego

If you haven’t been following me for long, some of the details may not make sense, but trust… these submissions are hilarious!

Alright- get to voting and thanks for playing along!

- D


Haha #1 chick by far and #1 dude has balls!

a slut is a slut who cares which one.

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