It’s that time of year again! I’ve been tweeting about being the worst packer in the history of the world while trying to sort my belongings into destination piles and you all have your countdowns to Opening Day. Upon really realizing that spring training is coming to an end, I also realized that my designated time window to write more, work out more, and be an all-around better human before getting swamped with another baseball season is coming to an abrupt end. Sadly, I’ve hardly posted a peep on here, I don’t have a freaking six pack and I still don’t get along with alarm clocks. Drat.

Because I like to believe that negative thoughts are draining and should be avoided at all costs, I have decided to post a list of positive things that happened this spring.

1. Mat and I successfully watched seasons 1-5 of Big Bang Theory from start to finish. I may not have a 6 pack but my butt probably looks more like a couch and couches are comfy. Bazinga!

2. We all shared that really fun comradery during MLB Network’s Face of MLB competition on the Twitter. It showed me that we can all get along and agree on something as a fan base- refreshing and RAD! (get it, comRADe?)

3. I potty trained our cats to use the toilet while we were in Arizona. Now there is no need for speculation, I really am a crazy cat lady.

4. I may have had a panic attack and 3 too many vodka drinks in the 7th inning alone but Mat didn’t break his ankle in his last start. Thank goodness.

5. They still haven’t been able to find Bigfoot on Animal Planet so we don’t have to really worry about him eating us or seeing us naked (since he’s obviously invisible) any time soon.

6. Connecting with fans via the jersey signing thing was a really fun experience for Mat and I. After all, who doesn’t like cat toys and vodka showing up in their husband’s fan mail?!

7. This list is getting silly so let me say something kind of serious…

While I’m borderline disappointed with the things that I did not achieve since we arrived in Goodyear, I believe in the power of being able to laugh at one’s own short-comings and above all, let go of the wish to please everyone at once- it is impossible and I have finally accepted it so.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there’s still going to be someone who hates peaches”. – Dita Von Teese

I could have said that in my own words but this quote is perfect and if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Bottom line- things don’t always happen as we plan and the most important person who will ever love you is yourself.

Have a happy week, friends.





Loved it! I was laughing he entire time while reading!!! Only seven days to opening day…exciting but also nerve racking since games won’t end until late October! Wow-before you know it redsfest will be here! Time goes by so quickly and Dallas, you reminded us of that! Thanks! ⚾👍

Dallas: thank you for your refreshing and self deprecating blog. It is nice to see that baseball players and their families are just good ole normal folks.

Stealing your “bottom line” 😉 I do appreciate your blogs; makes me feel like you are real-like me.

Pretty sure I am real. Real normal. Kind of. 😉

Remember coming to cincinnati and the weather changes by the day snowing today 50 degrees for opening day see you at GABP

yep. Basically, pack for any potential weather situation. Check!

love ur list! my hubby is OBSESSED with that show Finding Bigfoot! He drives me crazy on a daily basis with the details:-) Glad y’all are caught up on BBT but do u kno all the words to ‘soft kitty’?

Oh yes… I get it stuck in my head at least every other day. Mat is obsessed with that show also!

Dallas (knock, knock) Dallas (knock, knock) Dalllas (knock, knock) Love your blog!
Wishing you and Mat a great season, hope it doesn’t cause too many panic attacks!

haha! Me too… It’s not fun.

Dallas….I have to discuss this cat toilet training business with you in detail!!! From one crazy cat lady to another I need the scoop (no pun intended) on how you accomplished this…I was going to mssge you on FB but see youre not on there right now…..HELP! THANKS 🙂

Hi Dallas. I think it’s smart that you’re choosing to focus on positive things. There’s always going to be things you wish you had worked on or done. If you can accept that, you will have a lot more peace in your life. (This has been a BIG issue for me.) I’m glad to hear Mat is ok. I was at that game, and it looked crazy painful. My husband and I went to Padres games over the weekend, and I just happened to see Mat was going to be pitching that game, so we took a detour and went to Goodyear. BTW, were you wearing a shirt that says “Three strikes and you’re out” that day? If so, I was the frumpy lady in the restroom who asked you where you got that shirt. Later, I thought, ‘that could’ve been Dallas!’ OMG! I should have asked. So, was it you?…………

Hey D…Love me some`s hilarious!! No problem with the cat toys as long as the Vodka is Grey Goose!! I`m puttin the big guy down for 18 w`s this season…Glad to have RADS like the two of you in the Naughty Nati…GO REDS!!!

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