The other day, I went to the gym and worked out for an hour and a half. In that hour and a half, I had a minor epiphany… Going to the gym for an hour and a half is freaking lame. Skipping the gym entirely is also lame. Feast or famine. Restrict or binge. Go hard or go home. Where did these idioms even come from?

The more I thought about how many times I skip working out because I only have 30 minutes (or the hotel gym sucks) and cardio is no longer the hip way to get fit, I realized that reading too many health studies published by non-experts has taxed my spirit. Everyone is a guru with a magic trick. Everyone has the key to looking better than you did when you were 9. Everyone makes you feel like a loser if you aren’t being a freaking lunatic and counting your almonds into snack baggies (I totally do this).

You cant out-train a bad diet and this is the part of the realization where I really got pissed… I found myself looking at restaurant menus and thinking, there’s a bad choice I won’t really like or a worse choice that I will- screw it… PIZZA! (etc.)

I can’t explain why I suddenly had a rational thought in my mind because we all know these are isolated incidents, but I can say this… If you’re still reading my jibber-jabber, you might understand where I’m coming from. If you don’t, you might find yourself in psycho shoes one day so hear me out..


Health is a personal journey that everyone is trying to sell you. The good decisions you make will all add up eventually just like the bad ones did. Cut corners where you can. Get that extra action in even if it means using the stairs when there’s an escalator. Don’t let people writing about the right way to do things make you feel bad.

For example:  I had anxiety about eating a banana while traveling the other day because of “ALL OF THE SUGAR” that most “health” writers warn you about. That is not even cool.





It sounds like you read as much health crap and obsess over it as I do. I’m also coming to the realization that everything I read conflicts with something else I’ve read, and I need to just do what works for me.

Not a fair shake!!! Mat did a great job in his last start but the bullpen-woes let him down. He is looking good for this time of year. (You Too!!) haha! (Do not worry, I’m 70 yrs. old!)

Balance has always been the answer! I’m 57 years old and still weigh 125 (have been since my early 40’s.) I eat what I want, but I do not over indulge! Exercise is part of my daily routine -whether it’s the gym, house chores, or knowing that you don’t have to have the closest parking space to the mall or that I can return the shopping cart rather then leaving it….I love my ice cream, I love my pork…and i still cook with lard. Life is too short and like Mae West said, ” I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” Love your blogs….and we miss Mat in San Diego.

I think you’ve mentioned that you like yoga before – or maybe it was just yoga pants, not sure. Anyway – there’s a website http://www.doyogawithme.com that has full length yoga videos of all different styles you could do in a hotel room on demand. You can play them on your ipad or phone. Also, when I travel, I tend to google yoga studios around where I’ll be to try and find a class that sounds interesting. With as often as you’re in the same cities, if you find a studio in Pittsburgh or St. Louis, etc. that you like – it’ll be there the next time you arrive. Don’t like it, find another. Pure Barre has locations all over the place too. Make it a mission – kind of like the omelete search last season.

Girl…. I’m right there with you. Everyone in the health industry contradicts everyone else because there is no one protocol that works for every person at any given time. Some people do better on low carb diets, some do better on high carb. Some people like me who can look at a piece of cake and gain 10 pounds have to weigh and measure every single thing they put in their mouths every single day to keep from turning into a pile of sludge This is especially true if you have specific physique and/or body fat % goals, which I do. Google Lyle McDonald if you’re interested in the science behind nutrition and fat loss (not just weight loss, there’s a difference). Also, back away from the dreadmill and pick up some heavy weights. It seriously makes all the difference. Well, that and getting your diet straight. Abs really are made in the kitchen unfortunately.

If I had a dime for every health “information” article I’ve read over the years, I could pay for liposuction!! I stopped reading them, for all the things you and other readers wrote, and mainly because I was tired of feeling bad. Feeling bad led to feeling guilty, and feeling guilty led to stress. Stress led to packing on the poundage!! Horrible. When I quit my job a while back, I dropped 20 pounds without doing anything–no diet, no marathons. So now, I try not to let myself get stressed over eating/exercising, and try to be mindful about them–to stay BALANCED!! Yep! Congratulations on figuring this out at a young age! It took me a hell of a lot more years.

TOTALLY agree!! Just moving is good! But you for sure can’t out exercise a bad diet! I lost 30 lbs in 3 months with the help of some great supplements and with changing my lifestyle (IE not eating CRAP every meal hahaha) So thankful to have changed and to have energy and not feel like blah!!

When you are in Cincinnati and want to take a Spinning Class ~ let me know!!!

THESE WORDS WILL BE STUCK IN MY HEAD “you can’t out train a bad diet”
boo! but so SO true! thanks for the inspiration.

Nevertheless, it really is an above typical gaming laptop
that will run League of Legends or Diablo III.

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