I Mustache You Guys… Who doesn’t love a face-hole sign?

Hey Whitney (@whitneynjackson)-

You’re funny. We like your style.


LeCure Facehole Sign 1 LeCure Facehole Sign 2

Congrats on winning the fan contest!

Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to those of you who ignored the contest rules but still sent me photos of awesome signs anyway…

I’m looking at you, Matt Diller.

Jumbotron signs

It looks like the girls are having a blast and that’s what it’s all about.

I like their style too!

I received many other fan sign photos that would be politically incorrect for me to post here but it seems that most of you know my sense of humor so just know that I appreciate the laughs.

Happy cheering on the Reds this season!





Mat is doing super for April….we need him to do it often. Happy you are here instead of the “left-coast.” Onward and upward “guys!!”

Love the new look of the blog!! (Oh – c’mon – you gotta share some more of those sign pics with us. We won’t tell. Really. :) )

Well, I’d cheer on the Reds but my Cubbies are going to beat ya this weekend. A close one today. A friend of mine is a huge Reds fan, she coms from Cin City.

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