On The In Flight Menu Media Frenzy…

It was brought to my attention yesterday by hundreds of Twitter friends that a picture I tweeted of the Reds in-flight menu was scandalous enough to not only warrant the attention of major sports news sources but it was also crazy enough to make the Yahoo! homepage. The title of the Yahoo! post was “MLB Team’s Ridiculous In-Flight Menu”. While I won’t knock their attention grabbing skills, I’m here to tell you why that menu was not entirely ridiculous even though it was offered on an hour long flight.

When a series ends, the team leaves straight from the ballpark to go to the airport. Once they arrive at airport, they sit on the plane for about an hour before take-off. The flight to Cincinnati from Chicago is only about an hour but by the time we got back to the ballpark on that particular day, it was around 9:40. We then had to wait for our luggage to arrive. This process makes for kind of a long day after going to work between 9 and 10 am…

Not only was the flight during “dinner time”, most restaurant kitchens in Cincinnati are closed by 10 pm on Sundays so getting take-out for dinner that late at night isn’t really an option. The other dinner option would be to just eat at home. Unless a player (or staff member) has a significant other at home or a personal grocery shopper (I don’t know any players who do, I’m just throwing this out there to cover my bases) odds are, their refrigerators are pretty empty (or maybe pretty gross) after 10-11 days on the road.

So… Odd to the average onlooker? Maybe. Totally awesome to the average onlooker? Probably. Convenient for players? Heck yes. Ridiculous? I wouldn’t quite call it that, but to each their own…

This topic getting so much media attention leads me to remind you all one thing… No matter what you think an athlete’s lifestyle is like, there is one definitive term that we can all agree on- it’s just different.

– D



Ms. Latos,
First off, I don’t think that menu sound “ridiculous” at all. It reminded me of a menu one would see at a wedding reception… Lol

Secondly, is it in a player’s contract to allow a player to have a spouse or other family member fly on the team plane or stay at the team hotel, or is that a provided courtesy offered?

It’s easy for people who don’t know to criticize. A majority of folks don’t know what life on the road is like.

Love the explanation! :)

And you know what they say about airline food…

You’re entitled to it.

That’s crazy how much publicity your post received! Awesome As the traveling wife of a minor league player, I’m more interested in the fact that you’re able to travel on the plane with them. How does that work?

I still don’t get why this is news.
It could be worse it could be news like what the cardinals keep having where the media complain about the swill they serve them (day old and sometimes moldy food)

The part of this that stands out to me is that it’s practically a room service menu. Feel bad for anyone who lives in a hotel 50% of the time and then has to eat the same food on the plane.

Why the big deal this year, the menu from last year looked great as well. The Reds and Mr Castellini are class acts, not surprising at all that they take care of the players.

Thats all Delta, and it all costs the team money. I just wish Delta would get rid of their embarrassing peanuts they give on their standard coach flights.

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