Plus One

In a word, this year has been weird. Couple of long trips to the DL for Mat with a long trip to the PL (pregnancy list) for me and things just got funky. Funky and weird are not synonymous with terrible by any means, it’s just the simple fact that Mat wasn’t playing in games and I was relatively secretly growing a human.

Lots of tip toeing around social media took place. A few panic attacks came with the slip-ups of TV guys. Finally, we went to the Hall of Fame gala and I was just over it. I posted a picture on my Instagram account of Mat and I, Mat’s hand ever so gently on my belly and I managed to only make one joke about having eaten too many burritos. Success.

Little did anyone realize I was 37 and a half weeks along and, up until that point, I had spent a crafty amount of time in baggy clothes and avoiding most social situations. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I found a black shirt at Urban Outfitters in San Diego that hid the alien bump like a champ and ordered 10 online when I got home. TEN. I proceeded to wear these shirts basically every day past the seven-month point, when I actually started to look pregnant rather than just plump or chubby or like I had missed 399 work outs.

It wasn’t that these glorious black shirts made me look good, because they didn’t. In fact, they’re terrible in their own right. But perfectly baggy. Unassuming. Safe. My own personal pregnancy invisibility cloaks.

The only thing I really had to hide over the past 40 weeks was my sanity and there was simply no other way to protect it. With pregnancy comes the most obscene amount of personal questions and fact pedaling and while I love staying connected via social media, I had no idea how pregnancy hormones and ridiculous commentary from all corners of the Internet would go together. I am confident that I made a great choice.

Let me just tell you that you guys missed out on a lot of funny material as my friends had to put up with my nonsense all on their own because instead of putting my random thoughts into tweets, I actually sent them to my “real-life friends” like it was 2007 or something (don’t worry guys… I’m back to tweeting).

Now that it’s been a week, I’m not sure how I will handle social media as a mom. I swore I would never be “one of those moms who posts pictures of my babies planet baby gear, matching perfectly with me, all of the time” and as it turns out, I lied. I wasn’t even planning on saying anything about having a baby until the Reds had to announce the roster move for paternity leave and yet I found myself posting a picture from the hospital because I was so excited and filled with love that I would have screamed it from a mountain top had I not been on bed rest (that might be a stretch because that actually sounds really taxing but you know what I mean).

So. Here I am. Here you are. Here my blog is, getting the cobwebs dusted off of it. And, here our son is …

Landon Marshall Latos.

p.s. Should we alert ESPN that he looks pretty cute naked and in a glove for next years “The Body” issue or no?

Thank you to ALC Watkins photography for capturing this image! This is not a paid endorsement or even one that Jennifer knows about but from one mom to another- if you’re looking for a maternity, birth or newborn photographer in Cincinnati, I strongly suggest that you look her up:


  1. Cyndi Platfoot

    OMG such a great picture! One I’m sure you’ll cherish forever! Landon is adorable and I can definitely see both you and Mat in that face! I missed all your tweets and blogs but I’m just glad you did what was best for your health, mental and otherwise =) Keep posting those pictures! {HUGS}

  2. a.w. Metz

    Hey to you both!! Congrats on that little “human,” Landon!!! You are in for a big shift in priorities…I guess you know!! No longer will baseball be in the #1 spot! The new Human will take over!! BUT…..that’s as it should be. Oh, we still want Mat to pitch for the Reds & really wish him success. Ahhhh, but the boy is a winner too. Cherish him every day!!

  3. Bev.

    Congratulations to you and Mat! The photo is one of the neatest photos I have seen. Enjoy your little bundle he is beautiful.

  4. Karen

    Love this picture! I am amazed that you were able to hide this pregnancy all year. I thought you were only a few months along in the gala picture. Glad you got some much needed privacy! Keep tweeting, blogging, and posting baby pictures!

  5. Janet Kuhn

    Congrats to you and Mat on the birth of Landon! you both looked like models in the pictures you posted online. Hope we don’t lose you on social media but do what you think is right!

  6. Joanna

    I didn’t even know I had you in my reader until this post showed up. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Don’t worry about being “that mom”. I am “that animal mom” who posts two billion pictures of my cats and dogs, so you now look sane compared to me!

  7. Tad

    Been a long time fan of you and Mat since the Padres days. I can’t think of better parents for this little guy. Congrats to all 3 of you.

  8. Brooke S.

    I can’t even imagine how terrifying and stressful trying to handle twitter inquiries into your pregnancy would have been. I think you made the right choice to keep it to yourself and just be, without harassment from outside.


  9. Ashley Kress

    When you finally confirmed what I thought I had heard right in Mat’s coffeehouse interview I was so excited! I rewound that interview a few times! Lol I truely was just so happy for you guys. My husband and I really like watching Mat pitch and your tweets are always so fun to read.
    I completely understand your desire to keep it private. Having been through three babies now, I hate the questions and the touching of my belly! And I’m not in the social media and my husband isn’t on a major league field that would make the attention worse. I hope you were able to enjoy it with Mat. It’s a very special, private time for a couple.
    I have three boys age 5, 2 and a four month old. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!
    Love your pictures of him and love the name. Congratulations and as the saying goes “good job, mom and dad.” (Which I don’t know about you, but that saying always confuses me—I always think for what?!? And than realize oh yeah I guess my body did just work really hard and I guess my husband had to contribute too)

  10. Kathi Reynolds

    Love the pictures and you and Mat’s willingness to share them online, so precious! Glad you were able to have a social media break, although I missed your witty comebacks!

  11. RLS

    Perfect picture, one of the cutest i’ve ever seen! He is truly beautiful. Don’t worry about being one of those moms, we can’t wait for updates on The New Adventures of the Latos Family. Congratulations and enjoy your son!

  12. Amy G

    Congratulations to you and Mat, Landon is the cutest. Best wishes and enjoy the next chapter of your journey. I’m glad you’re back to the Twitterverse, I missed you.

  13. Theresa camacho

    Wow congratulations, welcome to the wonderful world of parenting, its a fabulous place:) This picture is absolutely adorable

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