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Dallas Does Opening Day

The number one thing I heard from fans prior to Opening Day was that Opening Day in Cincinnati is “unlike anything you’ll ever experience”. I was SO excited for the day. I even woke up before my alarm went off (this only happens of Christmas and practically never)! I regret to inform you that I didn’t experience Opening Day as I probably should have but I’ll tell you how it went down anyway.

My day began at Gameworks where I joined my friend Mo Egger for a fun interview on ESPN 1530. If you have heard me on the radio before, you should know something awesome- I say “um” WAY less frequently when I’m not just calling into the station. The only thing more exciting than wearing a sweet headset for the broadcast was telling Mo that his New Balance tennis shoes were fairy-ish compared to my studded boots. The headset was pretty fun though. Almost as fun as I imagine wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume is. I still don’t know why no one wanted to say “Hi” to me that day but I’ll forgive you. Here’s a picture of Mo and I at Gameworks…

…and here’s a shot of me wearing the “um” extinguisher… Totally Buzz Lightyear-ish and super hero serious, right?

After stopping by Mo’s Opening Day party, I wanted to see the parade so I headed downtown. First stop: O’Malley’s in the alley. The place was crowded (and oh-so-charming), and I couldn’t think of something more awesome than an Irish pub in an alley, so I had to spend a few minutes there and I may or may not have consumed some adult libations and talked to strangers. Have I mentioned how nice and outgoing most Reds fans are?

Moving right along… I found a spot near Fountain Square to catch the parade. And by “I found a spot”, I mean someone ran over my toes with a bicycle and someone else slammed into me with a stroller. Because of this, I tried to find a tree to stand next to in case I was unknowingly wearing my invisible cloak or something. If you know me, you know that my patience for masses of people crowding into a confined space needs work.  Another thing I don’t love is having people constantly run into me when I’m standing still. I made myself stand there for as long as I could possibly bear (not very long). After seeing Mat smiling with a little kiddo, riding in a car with Nick Masset, I decided that I needed to get the h out of there. I’m not complaining, I’m just admitting that I picked my sanity over actually watching the parade. I’m going to need directions to a balcony or state of the art binoculars or something next year (now taking suggestions).

If you’ve ever been to Opening Day and you have AT&T as your cellular provider, you may already know that your cellphone is going to say “No Service” all day. That’s really not fancy when trying to coordinate with family and tickets and life in general. To try and make things easy, I asked my mom to stay in one place so that I could leave some of the tickets I had in my possession at Will Call. When I returned to that spot, I couldn’t find her anywhere. This was ridiculously irritating because the woman had so many rhinestones on her Reds shirt, I was essentially looking for a disco ball. Disco ball, not found. Frustrated, confused, flustered, cell phone-less, I decided I ought to go back to my apartment. Surely she would go there after realizing we had lost each other, right?

I typically don’t take “no” for an answer be it cell phone service or otherwise, so once I got home, I began desperately doing strange yoga poses in hopes to get my phone in a position where it wanted to work. One out of 602 times, a text message actually seemed to go through but, after about 30 minutes, I gave up. It was at that point that I decided I wasn’t even going to go to the game. This was just CRAZY stressful and I hadn’t prepared myself properly. At some point after making that decision, I sent Mat a text message that miraculously made it through letting him know his parents were taken care of but I was staying home because I was feeling overwhelmed. When my mom finally made it back to the apartment, however, Mat called her phone (apparently AT&T plays favorites because she was getting a little service). After concluding that nothing serious was wrong, he asked me to pull it together and get my butt to the ballpark. “It’s Opening Day on our new team!”, he scolded me. It’s baseball season and that means that what Mat wants, he gets…I gathered my brain, had a glass of wine, put some lipstick on and charged on through the masses.

Sometimes in life, you need someone to tell you not to give up. As absolutely lame as this sounds, this was one of those times for me and I am SO glad Mat was able to reach me. In my defense, I have been ridiculously overwhelmed with this move (from San Diego, CA to Goodyear, AZ to Cincinnati, OH) on about 47 levels. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never lived outside of California and things are going to take some getting used to. I have no doubt in my mind that I’m going to LOVE this place once I figure it out.

In summary, Opening Day was A BLAST but I didn’t do it right. Next year, I will concoct serious plans to conquer the experience.

What I can say is that the atmosphere in that ballpark was something I had never experienced before. It wasn’t Great American Ballpark itself, and it wasn’t the energy of the players on the field or the excitement every time we scored. It wasn’t the win, the hotdogs or the pretty weather; it was the fans. Reds fans are what make this place so special and I couldn’t ask for a better community to be sharing baseball with.

With that being said, thank you all for being awesome and I can not wait to see what this season will bring us.